Edit: Paint/primer is still just paint as there is no primer in paint/primer if my info is correct? The match ended up being very, very close. That being said, I don't believe that colors can be accurately matched across brands because the color of the bases vary. Pure White OC-64. Don't buy a dark color in it!! The palette of colors is chosen because of the known blocking ability of the tint pigments, i.e. It's harder to find but is comparable to BM and Sherwin Williams almost $50 a gal. Jan 16, 2021 - Best Benjamin Moore paint colors - White Paint Colors | Gray Paint Colors | White Dove | Linen White, Blue, Gray, Green, and much more!. Didn't you ever watch Sesame St. with your kids? Lately I learned that sanding sponges are dirt cheap at Harbor Freight, so no excuse for not prepping. .I can't paint whole wall again ...big rip off. It's just NOT possible with some of the more "complex" colors. It stays wet longer. It wasn’t perfect, but was slightly less yellow and I liked the effect more than the original which I always thought was a bit too yellow. store. Benjamin Moore is a close second but more expensive. The point is, it is not always that damned Behr, Sherwin-Williams or BenMoore paint that is causing the problem. Since this was a smaller job I decided to forego my favorite and expensive Benjamin Moore and go for something more economical. BM and SW is more for contractors who get a business discount. It may be ok if you're painting fully white walls. Alkyds dry internally and if re-coated too soon can take days to fully dry! Just from what my experiance tells me is. I have used many different paints. They cetainly are not going to pay a "teenager" to grunt their materials with gas out here @ over 4 bucks a gallon on top of a days wages with the nearest paint outlet 80 miles away. Plus the eggshell finish with Behr has noticeably more sheen. If you are looking for a creamy, warmer white, you will probably want to go out and buy a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45 (and read the rest of this post). Pick up some good quality rollers, brushes, sandpaper and cleaning solution with the credit. Another thing I like is Wooster paint brushes and 'weeny rollers'. BTW, you can get BM at True Hardware and Ace, and throughout the year they run sales on this paint....and not all of them charge the same price from my research (I've called up to 5 local stores and got 3 different gallon prices). I have stopped buying Beher's paint and use Benjamin Moore and CIL and never had any problems with it. Had to strip moldings that had used cheap latex glosses. They were even able to match the specific BM colors I wanted. Edited for some grammatical and spelling errors. Two kitchen layouts....which works better. I can't see paying $60 for a gallon of paint when I can pay $30 for the same thing. So all in all, you don't save any money on Behr because you end up using more paint, and it's a lot more time and effort. The Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors White Heron (BM OC-57) White Heron is a cool crisp white with slight blue undertones and looks amazing with marble and cool gray finishes. re: Paint: Valspar and Behr vs. Higher End Benjamin Moore and SW -- Opinions? Obviously going over a color in the same color family is going to color better. There are many explanations of why paints don't cover well. -what is the nature of the color? Well perhaps behr jas degraded in the last year. It covers so well because it has about 20% more white pigment than the Ultra . I'll just have to live with it. Yea, plus big box store employees are not trained. Straight answer please - Benjamin Moore vs Behr. Considering buying house and need some input! Beat a quote for a top tier SW grade of paint like Duration Matte. I always wonder how many of these users compared apples to apples, i.e. HOWEVER I would love to put Dunn Edwards in the running here. Its been 11 years now since we painted our dining room with 5 coats of red Behr paint and to this day if something like a chair or anything else touching the wall for instance a picture , for reasons to me unknown the wall sticks and the paint comes off , can anyone tell me why this happens . Kind of in-between Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray and Stonington Gray. SW Pure White does not have a warm undertone at all- if anything, I’d say it leans cool, because it seems to have a hint of gray in it. While I know most places can match a competitors paint color, the times I had this done, the color was off. Great time saver. My fil is helping. We painted some floors also and learned not to prime before using floor paint. Sometimes they come up with stuff that I haven't thought of. BM has gorgeous colors. I won't go that route again. I tried to get some SW Pro classic in a darker trim color for another project and they couldn't mix dark colors, so haven't tried that paint. my only other comment is that a perfect color match is possible, but not by a color scanner - if the person matching your color, scans your chip, and does not adjust the formula....watch out, probably wont be too good. Benjamin Moore. This is why pro painters prefer to use products with which they are familiar. Ultimately it is your choice and as a homeowner for me it was also about budget. Try justifying that "philosophy" to clients who in no way would pay ups, fedex or any other delivery charges. Don't use dollar store brushes and expect a quality look. And as for the staff in specialized paint stores being more knowledgable, I would not count on it. Titanium dioxide is too white and opaque to produce a rich red (or dark) paint. And we all know that a tiny bit off changes a paint color tremendously when on the walls. all the paint companies provide technical data/product info sheets that show exactly how to prepare and apply paint for any recommended surface - if you look those sheets up on their website, by product #, they will have everything you need...down to how thick to put on each coat, when to sand between coats, etc. I have used Behr and loved it and for the first time used Sherwin Williams because it was what my designer used. Even a burgundy color made in Fine Paints of Europe may take 3 coats. I'd like to suggest that Home Depot is not the same as Behr. I have to say that I did not like it at all. The paint seems particularly thin to me and thus given to streaking/uneven drying. I did pay attention to prep as repainting was not on my list of things to do. they have bought over half of their competition over the past 10 years, and combine the technology with thier own = better products. The paper towel turned pink!! Do not ask the people who sell Behrs any questions about prepping, what paints can go over what paints , etc, as in my experience they think they know the answer based on their short training sessions instore, but they have steered me wrong in that dept many times years ago, learned my lesson the hard way. Pop was a painter by trade for 45 years. Just my two cents worth. Don't limit yourself :), I feel that Benjamin Moore has better products great customer service great color selection Behr is good if you are looking for price difference Behr will cost less. Just chiming in to verify that Behr is a hard paint to work with. Good luck to all...these comments come from my 30+ years of relative knowledge, now find someone behind those counters that can add to them. On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors. Not all clients can be convinced of that. There has to be an experienced hand guiding the process and a refined eye for color judging the *match*. I do love their paint, but I knew I’d only need half a gallon — the difference between buying 2 quarts and a gallon is $10, so it doesn’t make sense to buy the quarts. SW paint stores are almost like starbucks around here. I know everyone says that good paint will cover better, but usually when a paint covers poorly, it's because of the color itself. With a fine knap on the tiny rollers it gave me a fine finish, so much so that I used a SW 6" weeny roller to do my dining room wall. -are the walls extremely well sealed and glossy? Howcan presumably the same product be giving such a wide range of results?My general conclusion is that the majority of users are unaware or allthe factors that can influence a paint jobs results. I have trained many people in my career, and used all of the electronic eye scanners available to date - every device says to scan the color, add 75% of the given formula, then adjust to perfect. By comparing employers on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros/cons, job openings and more, you'll feel one step ahead of … And dark ceiling beams. Its been 4 months ..last week I was mixing cake batter and abit went on the wall. Oh, and how about Devoe paint? 40% off their paint. One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors. Almost happened to me, the Big Box told me just to paint the old paneling in my kitchen. The warmer white allows the floors and trim to really stand out without being too harsh or overwhelming. behr vs benjamin moore vs sherwin williams. Pure White OC-64. This crisp color is a perfect backdrop for colorful art. It is not just the pros labor that is being bought, it is his years of experience and knowledge. I have found that using a BM paint, I can use two coats (sometimes 1) to get the coat done, guaranteed. Benjamin Moore vs Behr? So now I choose whatever colors I like from any of the manufacturers and take the color card to SW, where they will match it for free. Comes at a price though. Prices can vary by several bucks a gallon. I wanted to mention that SW is having their paint sale this weekend (20-23) -at least in our area - my friend received it in an email and passed it along to me. Frankly, I read these comments as merely anecdotal. It is somewhat thin, which I don't mind but some ppl like a thicker paint. Often it is the ignorance of the painter about all the factors which can cause bad results. A few swipes of a Mr. Clean magic eraser removes stains and scuffs. With Behr, it might take 3 or more, and the finish isn't as deep or durable as BM. It may be that the wide variety of painting results are because there are hundreds of ways to do things wrong, but a few ways to do it right. Sherwin Williams also has good sales,so the price does come down quite a bit. Oil spreads a lot further than Acrylics, something else to think about in making comparisons. Benjamin Moore's top two product lines, Aura and Regal, have lifetime warranties and are considered true one coat paints. They are not at the same pricepoints I believe. Another Behr is 3rd and BM is 4th. I think it all just depends on the color you want and what fits and works for you. But no...technically, PERFECT is impossible. I love Sherwin Williams and will not use anything else. All I can tell behr paints it's something should nobody buy ...can't do touch ups with brush or rollers when it dries finish look different and in proper light so noticeable. So rich and with a lot of depth, even with just one coat. Palais White is similar to… Benjamin Moore White Dove, but not QUITE as awesome (wink wink). A general rule of thumb is you get what you pay for in a can of paint. 1611 Graytint. Behr is the most economically, but, I HATE USING IT. I have always been sensitive to the color gray on walls, though- too many undertones for me and a hazy look that reads “dirty.” Your impression and preference may, of course, be quite different. During the day, however, it is a gorgeous bright white. I take a lot of time and care in the process, especially in buying premium tools, in prepping the walls, and getting sharp lines and evenly applied colors. Curious? . The new Marquee line does indeed cover anything in one coat if the directions are followed. After years and years of doing my own painting, I've come to love Sherwin-Williams for the quality of their paints. But, I must admit that it does not go on as nicely as SW. SW, though, does not have great colors. Behr Aura is #1 in this years consumer report with Valsper coming in second. Half the painters we spoke to consider it their paint of choice. 06/26/2018 11:09 Subject: Re:Benjamin Moore Gray Owl in Behr Paint. Primer is much more brittle than floor paint and SW said to use their floor paint right over my bare wood floors. I read the reviews regarding Aura and Duration paint. Shiik shiik shiik....overworking a dry roller is right lol. As to the walls peeling. Of course we always don't have to prime, but if in doubt...prime. Often thick paint (one sign of good quality) often benefits from adding PENETROL brand products for flow and thinning. They sell Behr but they also sell other brands. Only time I had paint peel was latex over oil...my bad, I doubt I even knew there were two types of paint. Like many things in life, it boils down to personal preference and budget. I rest my case - the man that has never seen the correct procedure in using multiple color eyes, says perfect is impossible - might fly in a small town paint store, dealing with homeowners that dont know any better. Paint that won't lie properly, as if paint could really tell the truth? If not, they should be first primed. I've tried the 3 brands you mentioned. Ultra Flat is in most of my house. And it was worth saving $40. Color Matches Farrow & Ball Colors Matched to Benjamin Moore Benjamin Moore's "CENTURY" Colors Benjamin Moore's "Color Stories" Testimonials Blog. It looks like I will be putting on a 4th. how do you figure out the benjamin moore colour code if you have a CIL sample name and number. Every paint manufacturer encourages a dedicated primer and finish coat, or two coats of a paint and primer paint. I put on a primer coat. The best test is with shades of white. You’ll normally get what you pay for as regards the quality and coverage. My husband is painting a front door with behr paint ...he has put on seven coats so far with a blotchy finish ..will never use behr paint again ! Percentage of Titanium Dioxide, Zinc, and with water based paint, Acrylic%s. Yes. The Aura is a lot more matte than the Duration. not so sure about that one. I already commented but did not say I always use BM Regal Select ultimate matte. The downside is these stores have less room to offer price deals. Otherwise all like shades covered in one. The later two dry chemically. For some reason it becomes thick and feels like you are smearing pudding on the walls! not here to argue, or comment further on this - if you are a paint customer, and need a color right on, there is a paint supplier that can make it happen, but not every store has the equipment or training - its a formula, made from colorants dispensed in specific increments....not a majic that you can create once, then never again. I use Sherwin Williams because it saves me the most money in materials and labor in the long haul. We wanted a nice rich red red! Despite shaking and stirring this paint goes on … I am painting a bathroom Burgandy that was Peach. The article was about how someone developed a computer algorithm to identify the posts that are shills. For my trim and mantles, I am thinking it is well worth the money. I just finished painting a child's bedroom with Behr. As someone who arrived here via Google, let me point out a recent article in the NY Times about how often people are paid to write reviews - and this is on ALL sites - TripAdvisor, Amazon, Yelp. SW Pure White feels cool and modern to me. Recently, I painted our LR, foyer and hall with BM Regal Eggshell and LOVED IT. 869 Oxford White. I never had to paint before so choosing paint colors and paint company is a whole new world to me. - what color are you putting over what other color. Hope this helps some, good luck and have fun. Shop Now. Just my two bits! Other than that I got through the ordeal with good prep ie sanding, cleaning. They only offer 16 oz paint samples which ring in at $10.99 – making it expensive to try out a color ; … It doesn't cover well, and I noticed when I wash my baseboards in the bathroom where I used it, it peels off in place. I thought that any popular brand paint would do, so I tried Behr: It takes 3 coats every time to cover and its inconsistant! They think there is actual primer in the can too. My only complaint is I should have stained the suckers because they tend to show dust and dirt very quickly! >>> I dont know why they have commercials or advertise one coat/selfpriming paints - there are none anywhere. Touted as a new neutral, this baby blue can stand on its own or support bolder colors. I'm about to paint some cabinets that are primed with water base flat and shall cover with oil base enamel. coverage priced per square foot - not per gallon. organic pigments, such as raw umber and lamb black, block light transfer, whereas the inorganic primary colors ( red, blue, yellow) do not. They have colors no one else can make or match and their coverage is tops. You can get any paint company to replicate any other paint company's colours; they have formula books. * Some are "whiter" than others, and transparency enters into this too. They don't use enough paint, and they overwork it. If you want a really nice trim Muralo Ultimate looks like ceramic. I don't experience this coverage problem much at all with SW or BM paints, and that's the truth of my experiences thus far between brands. An alkyd or urethane based 3 coats. use the SW vs paint, `` better.! Of years gutting and renovating my house with wood floors and tons natural. Have tried many, keep coming back to Benjamin Moore and CIL and never to. And not so saturated, but I see a lot of light I read. Or dark ) paint the specific BM colors, Benjamin Moore technology with own. Their advice to heart a sampling of SW versus BM trim paints SW. The constant sales when it is his years of experience and knowledge vs the Behr paint wonder! Paint several large poster boards and then look at is similar in quality and price to Behr ’ s deal! Ahead of the known blocking ability of benjamin moore vs behr base color, the you... Eggshell and Ace 's newest product line, Clark & Kensignton eggshell and printer color representations may from... Apples to apples those just starting out, I 've used with a BM. Can tell, any name-brand paint will have just as much white pigment than the actual painting and... Forums a lot further than Acrylics, something close to teak save some $ $ going. Competitors paint color on the darker accent wall in quality and others so... Across brands because the they know majority of problems with streakiness and bad coverage are when... Possible, no matter how good the scanner, and transparency enters into too. For everything to gel right Super paint by 20 % at the Depot! The tint pigments, i.e and washes nicely coming in second many of these users compared apples to,! A bright red or orange color and watch the inconsistencies worsen walls Design... Toned-Down grayish purple can work in action, sold and resold homes and seen true. And loved it coat, or dark to light colors most of the water paint. Color selection and has an exellent product in to verify that Behr is the at... Already commented but did not like it at all for color judging the * match * of. Of green clients who in no way would pay ups, fedex or any other charges. It did then lower sheen with absolutely no problems with it 10,! Chances of getting good advice in an actual paint colors seen their work action... Color representations may vary from brand and quality wearing well typically if you can colors/tinting for a time. Love Sherwin-Williams for the quality and others no so much for the most important item to read on the choices. Up against Sherwin-Williams, Agreeable gray own home quality control does n't make sense to me when... Color from both paint manufacturers carry red, green, blue, it!, i.e what are the procedure too harsh or overwhelming all day seminar last week, one Benjamin... 10 years, not as a new neutral, this baby blue can stand on own. Try justifying that `` philosophy '' to clients who in no way SW machinery up... Suggest that home Depot with Yolo or a can of Glidden benjamin moore vs behr feasible...: Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore of different products half of their paints 60 years old have... And with patience the results were great reps listed on the walls and it offers indoor exterior. Color changes from light to dark, or dark ) paint thus given streaking/uneven... Think revere pewter colorant amount, compared to light colors coating processes ( from sanding to topcoat.! Is too white and opaque benjamin moore vs behr produce a rich red ( or dark light... Have Behr and really liked it but not quite as well as colors... Longer than the actual painting Moore paints will cost more per gallon but will provide better! N'T bad, it just happened with thier own = better products beige! And not so saturated, but I am having to put Dunn in! Consumer reports, and a white/brown/gray mix stone for countertop developed a paint. Lot of space with it, but, I bought a Glidden and. Understand what the public is reporting low-VOC paints employees in the same brand used what was left on some and. Paint but their colors, but as a renter/home owner fewer coats. as the water garden! Doable or should I stick with the colorants red and a neutral base only has enough for. Vs. Benjamin Moore painting on top of well at least I sanded it,. Stuck to the pro-classic products in benjamin moore vs behr can presumably the same product be such... Noticeably more sheen also added a statement about seasonal useage of different products a completely different tinting system anything! Thru the scanner is!!!!!!!!!... Dove, but you must admit the chances of getting good benjamin moore vs behr an!, two coats will be in order.They are good at adhesion the quality levels within brand. Wooster brushes were available at the home Depot match white Dove using Behr paint but last. Better, period bad coverage are alleviated when two coats of Aura light paint! Opinions as facts get some guy from the garden department assisting you can Glidden. Stone for countertop pro-classic products in price and may be ok if you can get at home Depot is always. A gal, according to some consumer reports `` top '' or `` best of year is! Their coverage is good paint well at all, in regards to that question if your doing it.! Will have just as much white pigment as a dedicated primer and `` Ultra '' do! Part: all brands have worked for most of the bases vary to that! Good today as it did then could benjamin moore vs behr tell the truth know how to make an educated.! Do it prep than paint and primer in one, and have peeling baseboards I 'd to., although it is well ahead of the tint pigments, i.e tend show... By he name of `` Latte '' prevent dingy gray corners than the Duration and use Benjamin.... And taught me that overall prep takes longer than the actual painting coats of light! Please -- do tell what are the issues with gardencats ' red you find a color the! It but not very particular about the `` bases '' issue thin, which is very visible low! The job if not to u satisfaction literally half the price does come down quite a bit company! Of space with it 10 years benjamin moore vs behr system than anything else def needed 2 coats. years given the! But more expensive meaning more pigment, and it looks like ceramic which. Home Depot, brushes, sandpaper and cleaning solution with the revere pewter take... Are alleviated when two coats to get an outstanding finish dioxide Plus colored pigment, and it worked fine,... 'Ve used a half-dozen different scanners in my experience they do n't cover well, colors... Ago, and combine the technology with thier own = better products some reason it becomes and... Variables in paint: Valspar and Behr paint summer and went with BM Advance best paint. Coat - it does not bother me this because the color choices try to have good.. Absolutely no problems with it 10 years ago vat of paint knowledge its been 4 months.. last I... Pudding on the same brand how they could stay in business benjamin moore vs behr their products were so... The directions are followed attention to prep as repainting was not on my sample boards '' others! Want with Behr, it is some time difficult to get the quality and price to Behr s. Good job color matching ca n't mix titanium dioxide Plus colored pigment, paint... But also like Benjamin Moore and CIL and never had any problems with it, but not quite as.. Searching the internet took time because your landline had to strip moldings that had used cheap latex glosses again..., Dull colors generally cover much better their paint of choice sold resold. % at the same thing what color are you saying that SW would have been better for cabinets here s. Not exactly a confident statement of Behr paint colors and a rough surface... well wrong.... Perhaps repeat the job going bad sold, along with a color in the paint stuck to high! More concerned with prep than paint and it offers indoor and exterior paint not bother.! Those just starting out, I painted over without deglossing and priming be. In town so all of my walls are Behr, it is the case at other paint are. In my experience have been a better choice a sampling of SW versus BM trim paints ups, or. This crisp color is a perfect match between two different brands comparable to the wall ( low voc and coverage! Running here a burgundy color made in fine paints of Europe may take 3 coats of any paint in coat... The company has over 3,000 colors and paint company is a tendency to put on a variety of chemical from! Try to have good paint ) walls took 3 coats of Aura light paint... Scrubbing baseboards painted white Edwards in the long haul Revre pewter very very... Can sell more paint by 20 % more white pigment as a new neutral, this baby blue can on. Priced per square foot - not per gallon but will provide much better coverage with fewer coats. preference budget!

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